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99% Kill

on B737/A320

in 3 minutes

The GermFalcon is a fast, affordable, convenient and effective way to eliminate germs from even the most hard-to-reach places on a plane.

There are no industry standards for aircraft interior sanitization. Cleaning procedures and frequencies vary due to short turn times and the inefficiency of available cleaning products.

Disinfecting with chemical products requires several minutes of "wet time" to be effective — followed by a water rinse on food-serving and -prep surfaces. They may lack the power to kill a broad spectrum of germs that cause disease. Disinfecting chemicals are toxic and not environmentally friendly.

Antimicrobial paints, coatings and plastics are usually silver ion-based or feature disinfecting chemicals. They are not offered for fabrics or leather. Antimicrobials are effective when the surface is left undisturbed for 24 hours, at body temperature (98.6°F/ 37°C) and 90% humidity. These conditions do not apply on a commercial aircraft.

The GermFalcon sanitizes all surfaces without any toxic after-effects. Plus, it’s fast! It takes about a minute to sanitize a single seat using a chemical disinfectant. The GermFalcon can treat 54 seats in that same minute. In practical terms, it can take more than two hours to apply a multi-step chemical disinfectant to the surfaces of a narrow body jet. The GermFalcon can sanitize that same area in less than 10 minutes!

All of this amounts to a tremendous savings of time, labor and product costs — not to mention the potential health benefits to passengers and crew!




Airline Savings

Flight Attendant Sick Days

  • Flight attendants get sick 4x as often as an office worker.

  • Product of their environment

  • Cleaner workplace = healthier staff

Airline Profits

Passengers Care - Choose Clean 

  • On a 0-10 importance scale, over 50% of passengers marked airplane disinfection 10/10

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