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Meet the Team

Being both a doctor and a frequent-flyer, Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg has spent much of his travel time observing the inside of the airplane cabin, his fellow passengers, and the flight crews.

During a recent flu season, Dr. Kreitenberg became curious about standards imposed by and on the airline industry to provide a sanitary environment for passengers and crew. He was shocked and concerned to learn that there are no requirements, or effective options available, to provide a sanitized environment.

This realization was the genesis of the GermFalcon endeavor. The GermFalcon Team has effectively addressed, and solved, the issue of providing a healthier environment for passengers and crews. It’s the Team’s goal to have the GermFalcon become the industry’s standard sanitizing tool — with one device stationed at every passenger gate worldwide!

Dr. Arthur Kreitenberg, MD, FACS

Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Kreitenberg is a 30-year Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon with degrees from UCLA and UC San Diego. Dr. K serves as a professor at UC Irvine School of Medicine and is a member of the Aerospace Medical Association and AIAA Life Sciences Technical Committee. He is currently a full-time orthopaedic surgeon in private practice. Dr. Kreitenberg holds numerous U.S. patents. GermFalcon is his second invention applying UVC for disinfection. In 1991, Dr. Kreitenberg was a finalist in NASA’s U.S. Astronaut Selection Program.

Elliot "Mo" Kreitenberg, IIP

Cofounder, President

Wall Street came calling as Mo was finishing business school. But after finding his inventor father tinkering with a remote controlled, well-lit robot, Mo familiarized himself with Ultraviolet-C and infection control strategies. The father-son duo cofounded Dimer, LLC in 2014. Mo's educational emphasis focused on economics and business development, paired with postgraduate experience in infection prevention and control, constructing a unique expertise in international infection prevention. Prior to joining Dimer, he worked in business development at two of the largest beverage distributors in the United States. Mo has degrees in Business-Management and Economics.

Melissa Carr, JD

Director, General Counsel

Ms. Carr started her career in Los Angeles at the litigation firm of Lynberg & Watkins. She then joined the legal team at Litton Industries where her portfolio focused on government contracting and compliance in the aerospace/defense contractor space.  Just before joining Dimer, LLC, Ms. Carr was an attorney working for the Anti-Defamation League, a national civil rights and human relations organization. In January 2015, Ms. Carr joined Dimer, LLC as director and general counsel. Ms. Carr has a bachelor’s degree in communications and business administration from UCLA and a Juris Doctorate from Southwestern University School of Law.

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