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Commercial airlines play a direct role in the way diseases spread around the globe. Airplanes have the unique ability to carry germs across continents and oceans. Routine, effective treatment of commercial aircraft is difficult and inconvenient. Airlines are not bound by regulations or standards for hygiene onboard. GermFalcon is a fast, convenient, easy to use system in routine and emergency situations. Offering a turnkey solution for infection prevention and emergency preparedness in air travel...


US Patent No. 8,907,304     US Patent No. 8,999,238         US Patent No. 10,195,298

US Patent No. 9,144,618     US Patent No. 9,149,549

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Germs Don't Fly with Us!

We're a team of infection preventionists, surgeons, infectious disease physicians, and aerospace engineers and professionals that has turned its attention to airplanes.

Airlines provide bags for motion sickness. Germs linger on shared surfaces. People get sick when they travel. As a consequence, our vacations are ruined and business is disrupted.

We can do better!


99.99% Germ Kill

Using only Ultra-violet “C” light (UVC), the GermFalcon instantly kills bacteria, viruses and superbugs on any  exposed surface. The process is fast, affordable, safe and highly-effective.

  • Scientifically-proven UVC  (used in hospitals).

  • Works on plastic, metals, leathers and fabrics.

  • Variable speeds--up to 99.99% germ-kill rate.

  • Proven 99% germ-kill in 3 minutes on B737/A320.

  • Environmentally friendly, nontoxic, nonallergenic.

  • Harmless to delicate materials.

  • Tremendous savings of time, labor and product costs.

  • 3 Operational modes to treat seating area, galleys and lavatories.

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