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The GermFalcon™ is a six-foot tall fully-automated robot in the footprint of a flight attendant's trolley. Lined with Ultraviolet "C" lights, the GermFalcon disinfects all commonly touched surfaces of the passenger cabin with a proven 99.99% germ kill rate with less than 15 minute treatment time.


~(9/17/14) Wall Street Journal: The Trouble With Keeping Commercial Flights Clean.

~(9/16/14) Germfalcon received notice of allowance to issue patent from the USPTO.

~(5/20/14) An Auburn University study revealed harmful bacteria can survive for a week in airliner cabins.

~(1/21/14) Bacterial and UVC validation studies -exceeded expectations with a log4 (99.99%) kill rate at 30 sites of airplane seating area.